(photo by Rachel Calderon) Boracay is the Philippines’ primary tourist destination. It is famous for its white-sand beaches and the various attractions offered by locals. Boracay is so famous, it is frequented by Asian travelers particularly from South Korea, Japan, … Continue reading Boracay!


Let’s Visit South Korea!*

Hello fellow Atomic Travellers! Before I explain what’s with the asterisk, let’s talk about South Korea first. South Korea is a very beautiful place, as anyone who has seen any Koreanovela show lately. It has seasons (there’s snow there!), it has well-preserved historical sites, it has pristine landscapes, and it has smooth-skinned people (or at least that’s what we see on TV). It is also a prosperous country, with a very organized transportation system, a systematic way of life, and products that are unavailable in the Philippines. We at Atomic Traveller can help you visit South Korea!* (there’s that asterisk … Continue reading Let’s Visit South Korea!*