South Korea 2019

Enjoy more opportunities in Korea! We still have available travel dates for autumn and winter seasons. Enjoy these seasons so that you could appreciate snow and more. You can also experiment with unique travel opportunities that the changing seasons bring. … Continue reading South Korea 2019

Holy Land Packages

Get to know the Lord Jesus Christ more by visiting His country, the Holy Land! Experience the surroundings that would touch every Christian, learn of the land that brought forth Christianity. Explore the heritage of the Holy Land by visiting its ancient churches, walk the places where the Lord once thread. Never miss this chance to have a sense of the sacredness that is the Holy Land. Please prepare the required USD 300 downpayment in order to reserve your slot. For security reasons, the Buy Now button is not available; please send us a message or email prior to making … Continue reading Holy Land Packages

Our Credentials

You might have heard of travel scams or, God forbid, you’ve experienced one yourself. Now that you’re checking us out, you might wonder if we’re a scam. Well don’t you worry, we are a totally legitimate travel agency. In fact, you can see we have our various permits. We are just working on our DOT certificate to ensure we are an accredited travel agency. Rest assured that when you travel with Atomic Traveller, we see to it that we take care of the small things. 2019 Mayor’s Permit BIR Certificate of Registration DTI Certificate Continue reading Our Credentials

Traveling Without Trash

“Waste Free, Travel Free.” That should be a mantra that tourists and travelers should live by, because it makes sense. If you avoid making too much waste during your trip, then you can travel relaxed and stress-free! You could even avoid being penalized or going viral (after all, there are other tourists and they might record you throwing stuff away). What’s more, this also applies to your house, because it could actually generate waste even while you’re not at home! So, what can you do to avoid bringing trash while traveling? Lauren Singer of wrote an excellent article titled … Continue reading Traveling Without Trash

A Scam-Free Tour!

Safety first! In these days, a potential travel customer could be hoodwinked by nefarious scammers. These scammers have become very creative and skilled in tricking clients to give up their hard-earned money for tour packages that are too good to be true. As a result, the customers end up stranded in a tourist destination that is not what they booked, staying in a rundown hotel or pension house that is too dirty, with no extra cash to improve their situation – thus becoming frustrated and disappointed in their experience. We’ve read about those poor clients who’ve had sad stories – … Continue reading A Scam-Free Tour!