What is Atomic Traveller?

We are a travel agency that caters to local and foreign customers who are interested to visit tourist destinations in the Philippines and Asia. One of our features is to offer destination packages which the customers can customize depending on their preferences, particularly the exploration of specific tourist attractions. These packages could either be offered in full (based on the recommendations of the tour operators to whom we will connect the customers) or they could be customized/partial (we will adjust the packages based on what the customer wants).

We have partners in tourist spots in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao, so they could offer their attractions for you. We are still in the process of engaging more tour operators in other parts of the Philippines and eventually abroad to provide more destinations for potential customers.

Why the name?

We focus on catering to the “atomic-sized” or minutest preferences of prospective tourists, so that they would enjoy traveling without experiencing any hassle. Simply put, we care for the small things so you would make the most out of your trip!