(photo by Rachel Calderon)

Boracay is the Philippines’ primary tourist destination. It is famous for its white-sand beaches and the various attractions offered by locals. Boracay is so famous, it is frequented by Asian travelers particularly from South Korea, Japan, and China. It is also regularly visited by Filipinos, whether for honeymoons, vacations, or any other purpose.

The first thing that will strike an impression at any tourist going to Boracay is that the island is so vibrant. Located in the Visayas region, particularly in Aklan province, Boracay is a cultural melting pot of Filipino and foreign influences. Boracay is practically a global cosmopolitan area: in every corner you will find local residents (both native and naturalized) mingling with various other nationalities.

After embracing this vibrancy, you now go in to your accommodation choice. As a tourist destination, Boracay offers various types of accommodation, whether it be a room at a five-star hotel or a low-budget type of abode. Most of them are beachfront property, so that you could witness the reddish sunset over the sea across the white-sand beaches.

23592199_10159639718695230_4068430287554613513_o(photo by Rachel Calderon)

Now that you’ve settled in, why not take a walk? Yes, the beaches of Boracay can be walked, and in fact walking the beaches is the best way to soak in the sights. Boracay is divided into three areas, or stations. Station 1 has the best white-sand beaches and thus have the best hotels. It is relatively tranquil, since there are less people there. It is also frequented by foreigners and local celebrities, so for those who are seeking out their favorite actors and actresses, this is the place to be.

Station 2 is the heart of Boracay’s nightlife. It also has The Mall, Boracay’s main commercial complex, where you can buy whatever you might need while touring around. Station 3 has the most affordable accommodation options and so many people stay there.

23632188_10159635464495230_7810250687065629147_o(photo by Rachel Calderon)

Looking out to the sea, there are many more activities to do aside from swimming. One could do para-sailing, riding banana boats, island-hopping, scuba diving, kayaking, surfboard riding, and others besides. The multitude of activities available to any tourist ensures that Boracay is a very dynamic tourist destination.

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