Let’s Visit South Korea!*


Hello fellow Atomic Travellers!

Before I explain what’s with the asterisk, let’s talk about South Korea first.

South Korea is a very beautiful place, as anyone who has seen any Koreanovela show lately. It has seasons (there’s snow there!), it has well-preserved historical sites, it has pristine landscapes, and it has smooth-skinned people (or at least that’s what we see on TV). It is also a prosperous country, with a very organized transportation system, a systematic way of life, and products that are unavailable in the Philippines.

We at Atomic Traveller can help you visit South Korea!* (there’s that asterisk again) Do not hesitate to contact us here or via our Facebook page. Always remember that we can customize your preferences – whether flights, accommodation, or tours! Because we will always care for the small things that will make your travel a very pleasant one!

*Finally, I can explain what’s with the asterisk.

You might have heard of the news that Filipinos can avail of visa-free entry to South Korea. However, there are some conditions that have to be met:

  • It is not a permanent offer. The visa-free entry was offered in order to entice potential tourists to watch the 2018 Winter Olympics, which will be held from February 9 to 25. The offer will last until April only. This means you have five months (from the time this post was made) to decide whether to travel to South Korea.
  • You have to land at Yangyang International Airport. This is the airport nearest to Pyeongchang, the city hosting the Winter Olympics. Unfortunately, there are no direct flights from NAIA to Yangyang; all flights from the Philippines land at either Incheon or Busan airports. What’s more, you can only stay in Pyeongchang, thus you have to apply for visa if you plan to leave the city.
  • No solo travelers. The visa applies for fliers traveling as a group.

These conditions might dishearten you, but don’t worry. Travel to South Korea is now easy thanks to various airline promos and other packages. Of course, we at Atomic Traveller will alway offer our services for you. We care for the small things!