How to Book your Flight


You’ve picked your dream destination, your bags are ready, and your friends are waiting for you. But aren’t you missing something?

Of course! You don’t have your plane ticket yet!

So without much ado, you make your way to the nearest computer, hoping you could get a plane ticket. Now comes your problem: you don’t know how to book!

If that’s your situation, then worry no more – here’s your guide on HOW TO BOOK YOUR FLIGHT!


There are many ways on how to book flights, but this article will discuss how to do it online. Other ways usually involve interacting with a phone agent (in case of phone booking), a travel agent (in case of booking via travel agency), or an airline representative (in case of booking via an airline office).

The usual airlines that Filipinos use to travel are Philippine Airlines, Cebu Pacific, and Air Asia. Though they have different layouts, these websites basically have the same steps when it comes to booking flights!

1. Search For Your Destination

The websites usually ask for the following information first: your origin, your destination, the dates of your departure and return, and the number of guests. Once you’re set, click the button that would lead to the website loading the list of available flights.

Air Asia

Screenshot 2017-09-07 18.21.03

Cebu Pacific

Screenshot 2017-09-07 18.24.05.png

Philippine Airlines

Screenshot 2017-09-07 18.26.00.png

2. Select your preferred departure and return flight times.

The next screen that will load contains a list of times for your departure and return flights. Departure means going from your origin towards your destination while Return means flying back from your destination towards your origin. Select your preferred departure and return flight times and click the next button (usually at the bottom or the right side of the page). Our sample flight is from Manila to Davao on September 15 and from Davao to Manila on September 17.

Air Asia

Cebu Pacific

Philippine Airlines

3A. Indicate your Guest Details.

Now you have to reveal yourself (or at least who are you booking). This page usually requests the first name, last name, gender, nationality, and birthdate of the person who is flying. Click the next button to continue.

Air Asia

Screenshot 2017-09-07 18.41.10.png

Cebu Pacific

Screenshot 2017-09-07 18.41.45.png

3B. Philippine Airlines: Review of Ticket.

For Philippine Airlines, they require you to review your ticket first. They would also ask if you’re interested in purchasing baggage allowance and travel insurance. Finally, they will ask for your payment options. Once you’ve accomplished this, click the next button to continue.

4A. Avail of Add-ons.

On this page you could choose to have additional baggage allowance, meals, seat numbers, and travel insurance. Click the next button to continue.

Air Asia

Cebu Pacific

4B. Philippine Airlines: Indicate Guest Details, Contact Info and Payment Mode.

For Philippine Airlines, you now get to type the name of the flyer and the relevant contact information, as well as select how you would pay. At this point you’re nearly finished with booking via PAL.

5A. Prepare for payment.

You’re almost set! Now you have to review, for the last time, the details of your flight, and agree to the terms and conditions offered by the airline. Scrolling down will reveal the various payment options. You can pay via credit card, over-the-counter, or debit, among others.

Air Asia

Cebu Pacific

And that’s it! The next windows will bring you to further inquiries about payment options, and once you’ve hurdled that, then you’ve got yourself a ticket! (As this is for demonstration purposes only, we can’t actually book a flight ticket ;D)

Now that you have your ticket, you can contact us at Atomic Traveller to offer you tour packages for your dream destination. Always remember that we care for the small things!

Thank you for reading 😀

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